Top 20 Best Islamic Quotes & Best Sayying Part 2

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    1. With ALLAH, all things are possible.
    2. Ya Allah fulfill my dreams. Ya Allah give me success. Ya Allah give me a bright future. Ya Allah bless my parents.
    3. I’m a Muslim and I love my prophets.
    4. If you don’t have time for Allah, nothing is going to work out right in your life.
    5. Anyone can love you when the sun in shining, but its during the storms you find out who really cares!
    6. Pray for your mother, for she is the beating heart that with the grace of Allah brought you into this world.
    7. People hurt you. ALLAH will heal you. People humiliate you. ALLAH will magnify you. People will judge you. ALLAH will justify you.
    8. Ya Allah gather me with my family and friends in Jannah.
    9. When we're left questioning why things happened the way they did, remember Allah knows what's best for us and He's the best of planners.
    10. I want to die with my forehead on the ground. The sunnah in my heart. Allah on my mind. Qur’an on my tongue. And Tears in my eyes.
    11. Sometimes the good you try to do to help others, ends up being thrown back at your face. Do things for Allah's sake, not to please people.
    12. ALLAH know what best for you and when it is best time for you. ALLAH can only bless you so keep faith and be patient.
    13. We ask; Allah gives. We cry; Allah listens. We sin; Allah forgives We repent; Allah accepts We knock; Allah opens We attend; Allah welcomes.
    14. ALLAH will love you the same as ALLAH did yesterday, today, tomorrow. And ALLAH will never stop loving us.
    15. Alhamdulillah for another day. Alhamdulillah for another chance to make today a better yesterday. Alhamdulillah for everyday.
    16. Dear ALLAH, I need you. Everyday, Every Moment, Every Second that I Breath, I need you. I’m not Strong enough on my Own.
    17. Start your day with Bismillah, and end it with Alhamdulillah.
    18. Nothing is stronger than the Love of ALLAH.
    19. ALLAH will never leave you. ALLAH will never hurt you. ALLAH will never lie to you. ALLAH is always faithful. ALLAH is always love you.
    20. Allah sees all.

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