Top 20 Best Islamic Quotes & Best Sayying Part 3

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    1. Islam is perfect. I am not.
    2. No relationship is permanent except the relationship with My Allah.
    3. Don’t worry if you’re single. ALLAH is looking at you right now, saying, I am saving this one for someone special.
    4. Oh Allah, if I have hurt others, give me the strength to apologise. If people have hurt me, give me the strength to forgive, Ameen.
    5. One day you could wake up & find something you love, is no longer part of your life; so show gratitude for what you have, while you have it!
    6. Qul HuwAllahu Ahad. Allahus Samad. Lam yalid wa lam yoolad. Wa lam yakul lahoo kufuwan ahad.
    7. Don’t give up. Why? Because you have Allah who loves you, and that’s all you need.
    8. Trust Allah, He is the only one who knows what best for you & wants the best for you. He will never disappoint you.
    9. Ya ALLAH help us Ya ALLAH solve our problems Ya ALLAH accept our prayers Ya ALLAH bring happiness in our life. Ya ALLAH make it easy for us.
    10. Don’t worry about the future, ALLAH has already planned for it.
    11. I trust you Allah.
    12. Leave something for Allah but never leave Allah for something.
    13. Tears makes you braver, Heartbreak makes you wiser, But only ALLAH Ta’lah keeps you going.
    14. Ya Allah, turn our sadness to happiness; frowns to smiles; hate to love; weaknesses to strengths, and cleanse us of our shortcomings.
    15. Don’t cry because of the hardship of this life. Cry for the forgiveness of Allah.
    16. Don’t judge someone for what they used to be, rather look at what they have become!
    17. If ALLAH can turn night into day, then surely ALLAH can turn the darkness of your life into happiness and prosperity. Trust in ALLAH.
    18. ALLAH knows what’s better for you, so never get disappointed.
    19. Smile. Its sunnah :)
    20. I can proudly say, I love ALLAH.

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