Tutorial Photoshop | How to Create A Vintage Photo Effect

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    Salam semua..

    Tutorial kali ini adalah
    How to Create A Vintage Photo Effect
    Tutorial ini Dil buat dalam english..

    Selamat mencuba.



    STEP 1:

    Open your picture using Adobe Photoshop

    STEP 2:

    Duplicate the background layer.
    Layer ->duplicate
    or just press Ctrl+J

    STEP 3:

    Set your foreground and background colors respectively to #ff0000 and #00ff00

    STEP 4:

    With the newly created layer use a Gradient Map
    Image -> Adjustment -> Gradient Map

    STEP 5:

    On the same layer, use Blending Options
    Layer -> Layer Style -> Blending Options
    or just
    Right click on the layer, and choose Blending Options

    STEP 6:

    Select Blend Mode to Color and Opacity to 50%

    STEP 7:

    Flatten the image
    Layer -> Flatten Image

    STEP 8:

    Apply an Add Noise filter to the only layer you should have
    Filter -> Noise -> Add Noise
    Set the filter with 2% Gaussian Monochromatic values

    Done.. =)


    Admin Kamarul Arnizam

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